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Mailing Lists 

Member Mailing List

If you are a member (click here to be a member), you will get any information that the user group leader deems important to pass on. Meeting announcments, other upcoming events, special discounts, training, etc. This will not be spam mail and nobody will have access to this list except for the user group leader, who will use discretion when choosing mail to forward!

Meeting Announcements ONLY

Subscribe to VTdotNET meeting announcements only.
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Discussion Lists
The second type is discussion list server lists. Here, when emailing to the address of the list, you will reach everyone who has explicitly signed up for the list. We currently have two of these lists.

Our  discussion list servs are hosted by AspAdvice.

There are two lists:

Vermont.NET General Discussion

Vermont.NET Code Discussion

To sign up:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the "User Groups" link in the left navigation and you will see both of our lists.
  3. Click the Subscribe button on the list sign-up page

(Don't forget about the various lists at,, and !)

The "Rules"

Use your discretion when emailing to these lists. Abuses will cause you to be removed from the list and even blocked from future subscriptions (at the discretion of the moderator). We are all grown-ups here, so no more will be said on this subject - unless someone feels like writing it!

Also, please do not use this list as an alternative to debugging, looking things up in your helpfiles, MSDN library. We all have work to do. If you have really exhausted your resources, can't figure it out using some of the great websites available, newsgroups etc, then this is where to go for help from your friends. Check the links page for a great start to some of these resources and don't forget the ONLINE MSDN Library. New things are added to it every day."

Please subscribe to the list before you can send or receive messages.