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About this User Group 

A little history

Vermont.NET was founded in January 2002 by Julie Lerman after some (heh, "some") encouragement from Russ Fustino who was at that time working out of the Microft offices in Waltham Mass. Russ is now part of the MSDN Events team and is based in Florida. We miss him dearly.

Our first meeting was held on Feb. 11, 2002 at Champlain College, with of course, Russ as our speaker. You can see acomplete history of all of our meetings here.

Meeting day and time

VTdotNET generally meets on the 2nd Monday of the month. Occasionally we will shift to another Monday and once in a rare while to a different day of the week to accommodate speaker schedules.

Our meetings are held in the evening. Please see the home page for the current meeting info.

Meeting Location

Our summer time meetings are held at Champlain College in downtown Burlington, Vermont. From the fall to the end of spring, we will meet in one consistent location, though that has changed from year to year. 2005-2006 was at Vermont Technical College in Williston. 2004-2005 was at Gardener's Supply in Burlington. You can see the past meetings page to see where we have met in the past. The meeting location is always noted on the home page and on the Upcoming Meetings page along with directions.

Who attends meetings

Our meetings are free and open to the public.

Our attendees span a variety of interests and experience, from beginnerto guru, VB, C#, C++, Windows and Web Developers. All are welcome!

Pizza & Soda at meetings

Since the meetings occur at dinner time, we have pizza & soda at the meetings. When we do not have a sponsor to pay for this, attendees who wish to eat & drink will have to contribute to the expense. That is generally $5 and will be specifically noted for each meeting.


Membership is free and doesn't come with too much that is special except that the user group leader will email the member list .NET related info.


Because memership is free, VTdoNET is dependent on the kindness of sponsors. Sponsorship rnges from providing raffles for meetings to paying for the pizza and soda. VTdotNET does not have non-profit status and therefore donations are not tax-deductible. Please contact to find out out you can help our group. Sponsors are promoted on the home page of the site, in blog posts related to the meeting and all emails about the meeting that go out to our email list of over 300. Additionally,the sponsors are highlighted during the actual meeting that they are sponsoring.

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